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Gambus Solutions

In today’s world of increases in the cost production and increasingly shrinking profit margins, it has become extremely important to reduce the operating expenses (OPEX) to the barest minimum possible.

In recognition of this, GAMBUS Energy has provided a bouquet of customized, AI, IoT and IoA solutions under the umbrella of Gambus Intelligence Power & Engine Monitoring Solutions (GIPEMS) that allows a rduction of at least 30% on your OPEX.

With over 3500+ parameters on offer, GIPEMS is adaptable for use in diverse industries with the all consuming need to reduce OPEX, gain efficiency  and increase profits.

Asset Monitoring

GAAFsGambus Advance Asset Fleet Solutions allows the monitoring of your asset work hours, engine health, fueling and field operations of your mobile and remote asset.

Generator Intelligence

GIMS – Gambus Intelligence Monitoring Solutions gives you 24/7/365 days total and absolute control over your generating plants (generator).

Marine Solutions

MERMAIDMarine Enigne Remote Monitoring And Information Diagnosis helps with monitoring fuel lines in addition to storage tanks, bunkering operation, engine consumption, video camera surveillance. to allow vessel owner real time remote access whether onshore or offshore.

Railway Monitoring

GRAMs (Gambus Railway Asset Monitoring Solutions) is deployed for remote monitoring of various operatonal parameters of locomotives and railway machinery .

Features & Benefits
Theft prevention
Fuel Consumption
Operational Time
Real Time Monitoring
Reports (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
Diagnose and Prevent
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