Fuel Tank Monitoring

Fuel Tank Monitoring

Many vehicle telematics and stationary object monitoring systems provide fuel tank monitoring feature. Quite often, fuel level measurement is one of the core fleet’s requirements to GPS vehicle tracking system for trucks, construction and agricultural equipment. Moreover, information on fuel volume fill ups and fuel draining volumes from tank or storage is useful for telematics systems of vessels and railroad machinery – equipment with high fuel consumption. Increasingly, fuel level measurement and remote monitoring is implemented for diesel power generator sets, heating equipment rooms and corporate gas stations.


Fuel tank monitoring allows fleet manager or machinery supervisor to:

  • measure precise volumes of fuel tank refill;
  • Detect fuel siphoning from fuel tank;
  • Prevent fuel theft from tank (e.g. underfilling or siphoning);
  • Reveal fuel mixing with extraneous liquids (e.g. waste oil);
  • Compare fuel quality of different suppliers/gas stations;
  • Indirectly define fuel consumption;
  • Schedule supply tank refill of stationary engine.


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