Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Gambus Energy offers advanced fleet management solutions to optimize the operations of organizations with a fleet of vehicles. The services include:

Vehicle Tracking:

Gambus Energy provides real-time GPS tracking and monitoring of vehicles, enabling businesses to track their fleet’s location, speed, and other vital parameters. This information helps improve route planning, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance overall fleet efficiency.

Maintenance and Diagnostics:

The company offers maintenance scheduling, automated service reminders, and diagnostics tools to ensure proper vehicle upkeep. This helps prevent breakdowns, reduces maintenance costs, and extends the lifespan of the fleet.

Driver Performance Monitoring:

Gambus Energy’s fleet management solutions include driver behavior monitoring, such as speed tracking, harsh braking detection, and adherence to safety regulations. This data promotes safer driving practices, minimizes accidents, and lowers insurance costs.

An Eye on Your Fleet Management

Keeping an eye on fleets of vehicles is a daunting task, one that involves significant operating costs and driver safety concerns. Doing so in an unobtrusive way that protects the privacy of drivers compounds that difficulty, especially in light of prevalent fleet activity opacity.


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