Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Fuel consumption monitoring for vehicles and stationary objects allows a machinery-owner or fleet operator to solve a number of tasks:

  • Optimizing machinery operation modes
  • Engine hours and machinery downtime monitoring
  • Recalculation of fuel consumption quotas
  • Fuel theft prevention
  • Prediction of maintenance date

To achieve optimal operating mode of vehicles:

  • a driver can select resource-saving operation mode of engine by using RPM and fuel rate data;
  • a mechanic can monitor fuel consumption information using online telematics system, remotely supervise technical condition of engine and fuel system, schedule technical maintenance taking into account real operating conditions of the equipment.

Almost any fleet owner faces fuel theft during vehicle or stationary machinery operation. The highest percentage of fuel misuse occurs with construction, agricultural and other machines, where fuel is accounted according to engine hours. Fuel tank draining, underfilling fuel in a tank, fraud with cash vouchers and fuel cards are the most common methods of fuel theft. They can be eliminated by introducing fuel consumption monitoring system.


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