Cell Site Monitoring

Cell Site Management

Cell Site Monitoring & Management: Centralizing remote infrastructure for sites looking to optimize operational costs

Optimize Operations

Overcoming uptime, continuity, malfunction detection/mitigation and operational cost challenges pertaining to remote sites and their operations and performance is time intensive, requiring a way to organize and display your remote infrastructure in a centralized place.

Overarching visibility of all your sites & remote assets

Gambus’s Site Management solution provides overarching visibility to every one of your sites and remote assets, including their performance, and any potential malfunctions that might occur.

Comprehensive monitoring capabilities

Our Site Management solution includes the monitoring of doors, antenna lights in the case of telecom sites, security cameras, and other security and regulatory assets.

Live alerts, when you need them most

Live alerts are deployed, in the event of any unexpected or forced entries, or outages detected by our broad network of sensors, to ensure speedy and efficient incident resolution.


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