Axle Load Monitoring

Axle Load Monitoring

Axle load monitoring is useful for vehicle fleets for several reasons. Firstly, exceeding axle load may result in fine for overloading when vehicle stops at weighing station. Secondly, loading vehicle in excess of axle load limit defined by data sheet shortens vehicle’s life cycle – early breakdown and extra costs for repairing suspension system and vehicle body, higher load on engine and increased fuel consumption.

From the other hand, under-loaded vehicle means reduced profitability of transportation and lower profit margins of vehicle owner: a vehicle uses fuel for “self-transportation”, wear out still occurs, driver gets salary irrespective to the amount of cargo in vehicle or semi-trailer.

One of the methods to optimize vehicle load – manual calculation of load per axle. However, the method is labor-intensive, takes much time, and obtained results should be transferred to vehicle telematics system manually as well.

Automated axle load control system is more convenient, accurate and quick way of truck and trailer weighing.

Benefits from axle load monitoring system

Avoiding losses caused by fines for exceeding axle load;
Live axle load measurement by driver during cargo loading;
24/7 online axle load monitoring of all vehicles in fleet;
Instant notifications on exceeding axle load limit;
Registration of places, where vehicle is loaded and unloaded;
Onboard weighing of truck and cargo;
Optimization of cargo load, increasing profitability of fleet;
Reducing truck maintenance costs and excluding extra costs for early repair;
Excluding vehicle misuse – transportation of unregistered and unauthorized cargo;
Remote diagnostics of vehicles with air suspension system.


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