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Axle Load Monitoring

Axle Load Monitoring Axle load monitoring is useful for vehicle fleets for several reasons. Firstly, exceeding axle load may result in fine for overloading when vehicle stops at weighing station. Secondly, loading vehicle in excess of axle load limit defined by data sheet shortens vehicle’s life cycle – early breakdown…
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Energy Asset Monitoring

Energy Asset Monitoring Understand your site’s energy usage in real-time Live Energy Asset Oversight Providing continuous service when struggling with a lack of asset visibility and seemingly hopeless energy waste is a persistent challenge for organizations. How can you improve your site’s efficiency, if you don’t know where or how…
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Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring Engine run time and performance monitoring is one of fleet management tasks, which allows analyzing workload of vehicles, increasing fleet productivity, optimizing maintenance schedule and costs and extending engine lifetime. Solution of that task also makes reporting and accounting of special equipment operation more transparent and understandable. Vehicle…
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Cell Site Monitoring

Cell Site Management Cell Site Monitoring & Management: Centralizing remote infrastructure for sites looking to optimize operational costs Optimize Operations Overcoming uptime, continuity, malfunction detection/mitigation and operational cost challenges pertaining to remote sites and their operations and performance is time intensive, requiring a way to organize and display your remote…
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Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Fuel Consumption Monitoring Fuel consumption monitoring for vehicles and stationary objects allows a machinery-owner or fleet operator to solve a number of tasks: Optimizing machinery operation modes Engine hours and machinery downtime monitoring Recalculation of fuel consumption quotas Fuel theft prevention Prediction of maintenance date To achieve optimal operating mode…
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Fleet Management

Fleet Management Gambus Energy offers advanced fleet management solutions to optimize the operations of organizations with a fleet of vehicles. The services include: Vehicle Tracking: Gambus Energy provides real-time GPS tracking and monitoring of vehicles, enabling businesses to track their fleet’s location, speed, and other vital parameters. This information helps…
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Fuel Tank Monitoring

Fuel Tank Monitoring Many vehicle telematics and stationary object monitoring systems provide fuel tank monitoring feature. Quite often, fuel level measurement is one of the core fleet’s requirements to GPS vehicle tracking system for trucks, construction and agricultural equipment. Moreover, information on fuel volume fill ups and fuel draining volumes…
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