Marine Monitoring

Marine Monitoring

Gambus Energy Marine solutions (GEMS) Monitory fuel lines in addition to storage tanks help ship/ barge owners minimize fuel thefts as well as real-time consumption of the vessel’s engines.

Our GEMS provides exact information on vessel position, real time fuel consumption, endgine operation hours in different modes (idle, optimal and overloads); draining and refuelling of fuel tanks and other necessary operationd parameters.

All these and much more are sent to you real time and on any device you choose.

What you get…

  • Precise monitoring of fuel bunkering operations
  • Prevention of fuel theft
  • Opportunity for efficient planning and streamlining of operations
  • Remote Engine Diagnostics (temperature, oil pressure e.t.c)
  • Route, Speed and location tracking
  • Engine / Generator running time and mode tracking
  • Actual fuel consumption during operation